Cohort Promotions is a statistical firm that discovers and promotes sound investment opportunities relating to the following industries

  • Apparel – Fashion Design and/or Branding
  • Business and Trade – Entrepreneurship
  • Music – Artistry and/or Production

Our company has a plethora of mixed focus groups, consisting of skilled professionals and equitable individuals, that will evaluate our clients’ intellectual properties and approximate the success of that item(s). This approximation is formally called an Output Performance Measure-OPM

Founded: 2014, Oakland

Founder: Loui J.

Since the age of 17, Loui J. has always had her mind set on two things, being her own boss and helping others. Inspired by many hardworking civilians around her, she decided she wanted to devise a way to aid other determined and diligent individual establish themselves within their desired careers.

Growing up in Oakland, California, a city that has great opportunity with a metal door blocking it, Loui J has watched many people make costly, non-fruitful investments and sacrifices trying to unlock that door. Upon nearing her 18th birthday, she promised herself she was going to be the key. Loui concluded that in order to save people money on making bad investment decisions, they must know if their intellectual property, plan, or idea is either a good or bad one, and the reasons for it.

Loui J gets a great thrill in connecting people to the right dot. For example, if she knows of a model whose in search of photographer, she’ll acquaint the two. Simple to say, Loui understands the important role of the middle man…being reason why she seeks to not only weave out individuals with great plans and ideas, but to also get them associated with the right organizations wanting and willing to help them blossom.

Loui has always been highly interested in business management, fashion, and music. From 7th to 9th grade she attended Oakland School for the Performing Arts where she was vocally trained in classical music and choir, in addition to understanding musical composition. Between the ages of 14-16, she took classes with an all girls development program, Girls. Inc., where she picked the knack  for sewing and fashion design. Loui also attended Contra Costa College where she received her A.S. in Business Administration and is now studying at California State University Dominguez Hills in pursuit of a B.S, in Applied Studies.


See more about founder here https://www.linkedin.com/in/cohort-promotions-32316599/















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