Our Objective


We Help Discover the  “The Next Big Thing”

Our mission is to have a strong hand in  discovering highly substantial music artist, fashion designers, as well as entrepreneurs seeking  to push their occupations further.  Once discovered, through focus groups and analytical surveys, we then promote our clients to firms, agencies, and labels affiliated with our company that will accelerate your business and/or intellectual property.

How It Works

Our clients will submit their intellectual property (album or single, fashion design, business plan, etc.) to Cohort Promotions, and a designated focus group will then survey that item. After the survey is complete, an Output Performance Measure (OPM) will then be produced and provided to our clients. The measure will conclude the potential success rate of that item. OPM’s that receive a measure of 85% or higher, will then be considered a Client of High Interest (CHI), and promoted to our affiliated organizations. These organizations will then make an evaluation to either contract, or sign that CHI to their firm, agency, or label.

Why You Should Use Cohort Promotions

Cohort Promotions believes that our OPMs will provide a clearer vison to our clients on how far their intellectual properties may stretch. We hope to save our clients from making bad investments and possibly losing significant amounts of money. The organizations that are connected with our company are always looking to invest in the next big thing, which may be YOU. All in all, our clients will consistently come to find themselves in a win-win position.